Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Katy Trip for September is getting in Shape

Have the train reservations set up for getting to Sedalia and probably a stay at the Hotel Bothwell and some place to stay for all but one night, the last night, on the trail before getting to the eastern end at St. Charles. Really looking forward to caching, benchmark hunting, wine tasting and maybe even buying a corn cob pipe in Washington at the Meeerschaum corn cob pipe factory and museum. Oh, yeah, the bike riding will be great, too. Also, don't want to miss the Augusta Brewing Company in Augusta. It's on a little hill just by the trail and doesn't look like a lot but the 3 times I've eaten there the food and beer has been great. The wineries in Augusta are also good but visiting them would mean a bike ride up a hill and don't know if my brother and I will be up to that.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Katy Trip and Wanderings in Indiana

The Katy Trip is coming along slowly. Have reservations from central Illinois to Sedalia. Haven't figured it out from there. Hope to do about 50-60 miles a day and at least get by the corn cob pipe factory. Other than that, not sure about the rest yet.

Did a little caching coming up through southern Indiana with my new caching toy, the iphone caching app. That is pretty neat but hard for me to get used to the way the map shows on the screen. Found two caches and a TB in Jasper, IN, with the iphone. Could have found many more if I'd had time. There is a neat restaurant called the Mill House at 1340 Mill Street in Jasper. Has a really nice wasabi salmon salad at a very reasonable price. The service is also very good. You'll have to look that one up on your smartphone or gps because it is not easy to find that Mill House in a residential area of Jasper.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Katy Trail Trip This Coming Fall

My brother and I are planning to do a bike trip on the Katy Trail, which goes east west in Missouri, this coming fall. We haven't finalized plans yet but so far are planning on starting as close to the western end of the trail around Clinton, MO, as we can and come back east to St. Charles, a little north of St. Louis. We will probably spend either five or six full days pedaling on the trail and camp some days and stay in B & Bs other nights. Still working on whether we'll take an Amtrak or rental car to the west end.

There are a lot caches along the trail and in the little towns along the trail and there should be a number of benchmarks as well. So, I'll be researching the overnight stops and the geocaches along the route and checking out the Amtrak schedule and hope to leave plans here as they develop.

Have a very good book on the trail written by a fellow who owns a campground and bookstore along the way. I'll definitely get full use of that. Will list the name of the book on here.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I put in a note on the last blog here that I visited a neat restaurant called Lynn's Paradise in Louisville, KY. Here is a night time picture of the restaurant with the moon in the background at the upper right corner of the photo.
Louisville is a pretty flat area and seems to be good for bicycling and there are a number of caches in the area I want to search for next time I'm there. Let me know of any good caches and bike trails, etc you know of in the Louisville area.