Saturday, March 15, 2008

Finally getting back to caches

Finally picked up a couple more caches.  Found two caches and almost found another in Lincoln, IL.  It was too cool for me to find these on bicycle but they certainly could have been found by bike.  One of the ones I found was GC12P3Q, Tribute to Flight, is beside the Heritage in Flight museum at the Lincoln, Illinois, Air Force museum.  One of these days I want to go to the museum, which I understand is very nice.   Picked up a TB there and dropped off a geocoin.  It's a really nice cache.   Another I found was No Cash Cache GCH2X1 an urban micro in dire need of help at this point.  I didn't have an extra log or other stuff to help it out or I'd have taken care of it. The best one would have been the one I ALMOST caught, of course. It was a multi featuring several of the connections this little midwestern town, Lincoln, IL, had to Abraham Lincoln.  It was the first town named after him before he died, for instance. Anyway, I got to the final stage of GCA848, Abe in Lincoln, and within about 200 feet of the cache in a nice park when my GPS batteries died.  Of course, that NEVER happens when I have extra batteries.  I'll have to go back again this spring and try it again.    All of these caches could easily have been done by bike.  This last one would be best done by a mountain bike, at least the last 1/3 of a mile of it.   One of these days I'll list some of these on my webpage on bike trails suitable for bicycling. I'm going to try to do a list of caches and, I hope, benchmarks near the old Route 66 as I bike ride it from near St. Louis to Chicago.  I'll probably do it in two trips of at least two days each.  

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Franklin, Tennessee, on way to Mobile, Alabama

On the way to Mobile, Alabama last month, we stopped by Franklin, Tennessee, just out of Nashville. We stopped by the very nice Old Marshall House (see photo) bed and breakfast run by Ursula and Glenn Houghton. They have done a great deal of wonderful work to this house which was originally built in the 1860s. They make you feel at home when you stay in one of the rooms or the cabin and are very helpful in pointing out local attractions Ursula led us to several really neat local sites and restaurants which all turned out nice. The local restaurants she mentioned that we had time to visit were neat; Puckett's Grocery and Restaurant, and the Loveless Cafe were especially neat. Pucketts, a former grocery store turned mostly restaurant has really cool atmosphere in a place in old downtown historic Franklin. Unfortunately, we missed a night when they had music but plan to go back to the area one of these days so maybe will catch some music there next time. The Loveless Cafe is a few miles out of town and not too far away from Nashville. It has been visited by many singers since it started in 1951 specializing in country cooking. There is also a really nice used book store in downtown Franklin called  Landmark Booksellers  that has so many fantastic books that it was difficult to decide which ones to buy and which to leave behind for others. This area is near the north end of the Natchez Trace National trail. One of these days, I'd like to bicycle at least some of that 440-mile long multistate trail. Franklin itself is a neat place to just roam around in. Check out for information on tours of the town. You might also find a tour of the Carnton Mansion and Plantation and its largest privately owned Confederate cemetery. Found a great birthday gift for my son-in-law there. it was a Civil War book with several foldout maps. The Mansion was a soldiers hospital during the famous Battle of Franklin there. Fabulous little place and it is well worth a visit.