Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Katy Trip for September is getting in Shape

Have the train reservations set up for getting to Sedalia and probably a stay at the Hotel Bothwell and some place to stay for all but one night, the last night, on the trail before getting to the eastern end at St. Charles. Really looking forward to caching, benchmark hunting, wine tasting and maybe even buying a corn cob pipe in Washington at the Meeerschaum corn cob pipe factory and museum. Oh, yeah, the bike riding will be great, too. Also, don't want to miss the Augusta Brewing Company in Augusta. It's on a little hill just by the trail and doesn't look like a lot but the 3 times I've eaten there the food and beer has been great. The wineries in Augusta are also good but visiting them would mean a bike ride up a hill and don't know if my brother and I will be up to that.