Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Katy Trail Trip This Coming Fall

My brother and I are planning to do a bike trip on the Katy Trail, which goes east west in Missouri, this coming fall. We haven't finalized plans yet but so far are planning on starting as close to the western end of the trail around Clinton, MO, as we can and come back east to St. Charles, a little north of St. Louis. We will probably spend either five or six full days pedaling on the trail and camp some days and stay in B & Bs other nights. Still working on whether we'll take an Amtrak or rental car to the west end.

There are a lot caches along the trail and in the little towns along the trail and there should be a number of benchmarks as well. So, I'll be researching the overnight stops and the geocaches along the route and checking out the Amtrak schedule and hope to leave plans here as they develop.

Have a very good book on the trail written by a fellow who owns a campground and bookstore along the way. I'll definitely get full use of that. Will list the name of the book on here.