Friday, June 19, 2009

I will soon be listing some more information on my bicycle geocaching and benchmark hunting. But, right now I want to register my disbelief that the RIAA has won the outrageous case against the poor young lady of some $80,000 for every record she supposedly illegally copied. This is such a ridiculous miscarriage of so-called justice and such an example of part of what is wrong with this country now, big business with their armies of lawyers being such a bullies and such jerks.  If recording industry executives and artists got paid a little less than their outrageously obscene amounts of money they do, the recordings could be so much less expensive and more people would be willing to pay a reasonable price for their music. Instead, the industry charges obscene prices and behaves like gestapo storm troopers (think brainless money grubbing lawyers) in cases like this.   

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