Sunday, September 6, 2009

Route 66 2009 Publicity Bicycle Ride

Last week I went on two days of a bike ride along the old Route 66. The goal of the St. Louis to Chicago ride was to publicize and encourage bicycle touring along the old Route 66. It was organized under the auspices of the League of Illinois bicyclists. About 30 people did the entire six-day ride which must have been fantastic. A large contingent of the riders seemed to be from the Mclean County Wheelers bike club based in Mclean County, Illinois. Now, after only doing two days of the ride, I wish I had done the whole ride, except maybe the part from Joliet, Illinois, to Chicago. I'm not real excited about the idea of trying to ride in the urban Chicago area. I do hope to ride some or all of the remainder of the old Route 66 some day. At least the Illinois part. The photo accompanying this blog was taken of most of the group at a former Route 66 service station in the Bloomington, Illinois, to Pontiac area.

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