Friday, December 11, 2009

Louisville area Visit

Went to West Virginia last week and on the way went to Louisville, KY. Stayed at the Tucker House Bed and Breakfast and visited Lynn's Paradise Cafe. Both were well worth the experience. The Tucker House is operated by Devona and Steve Porter. They are very nice, the rooms we saw were furnished nicely with antiques and it is in a pretty setting just out of the business of Louisville. Lynn's is a great restaurant in Louisville which has great funky tables and decorations that kids will love. Every table seems to be different and have games on them for the kids to play. If you like the games they are for sale along with a lot of other neat stuff in the gift shop in the front of the restaurant. Oh, and the food is great, too. I mean, fried green tomatoes. Who can't like those? We also went to the Bluegrass Brewing Company, a nice microbrewery that has two locations around Louisville. There are lots of places we want to see on future trips to Louisville.

Going to list some more on geocaching, benchmark hunting, and bicycling soon. Right now doing indoor workouts and spinnng at Gold's Gym in Bloomington, IL. The Gold's Gym is not perfect but pretty nice and hope to get ready for this 175-mile bicycle ride next summer by working out at Golds. I'm not getting any money for listing Golds here. And, I'd encourage anyone who can to go to a gym, any gym, especially in the winter, if you live in areas like Illinois that have nasty winters where you have limited exercise possibilities for months at a time.

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Chris said...

Sounds like a great trip to make and a good way to find a lot of geocaches in a short time.