Sunday, January 6, 2008

Lincoln, Illinois January 6, 2008

Picked up a couple of geocaches in Lincoln, Illinois, today that wouldn't be very good for bicycling but then it wasn't all that good of bicycling weather anyway.  Also picked up a really neat travel bug, Route 66 travel bug.  It started in Ohio and has been at least to Kingman, AZ. It's apparently been going since 2004 and has a log in it. This is the first travel bug I've seen with its own log. That is really neat.   I actually found it at the place where A Handy Walk, in Lincoln, was supposed to be but never did find the cache. The travel bug was just lying on the ground.  Actually, Handy Walk which has been there for several years, would be accessible by bicycle.  It is somewhere behind a dugout at the baseball field at the Lincoln recreation center just off of Primm Road.  I camped at the other end of the park several years ago during a 3-day bicycle ride I took out of Bloomington, Illinois, about 35 miles away.  

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