Tuesday, January 8, 2008

One cache during winter reprieve

Found one today in Mahomet, IL, Riverside Memorial Cache (GCKFG7) I went to this one by car but it could have just as easily been done by bicycle while doing the ones in nearby Lake of the Woods park area.  Have to come back some day and do them all.  Since the water was so high, had to dig this one out of a few inches of mud and pry it open. What a muddy mess. But, signed log and grabbed a TB and a geocoin.  I think there are several in this area that would be easy by bike.  When it gets a bit warmer I'll take my GPS and bike and park the car in nearby Mahomet and do a bike route of them all and list it on my webpage, bicyclegpsing.googlepages.com.  I'm just getting started on this page but check it out.  I'd love to hear about bike trails and bike friendly areas with good geocaches and even benchmarks.  

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