Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Placing a new geocache - this is fun, huh?

Just spent over an hour placing a new geocache in a very nice park near Le Roy, Illinois, today.  Didn't take too long to find a place to put it in this very nice little park with virgin trees all over the place.  What took so long was getting the GPSr to pick up a good signal for where it was even in this winter forest with no leaves.   Don't know if it's my prehistoric, GPS V, receiver or the trees or what. There was hardly a cloud in the sky so it couldn't be that.   

Actually, found another use for one of those metal cans you get for Christmas with some sort of alcoholic drink in it.  Sprayed it a dark green and put a geocaching sign on the outside so if someone found it they would know what it was and maybe not take it or mess it up.   

This one was in a half-gallon sized container.  I get a little tired of looking for ones in the forest that are the size of your little finger.   Though, I'm guilt of putting that size caches in town.  

Anyone have a favorite container or hide?   I really like one that's around central Illinois and in a nice big birdhouse.   Neatest one I've ever seen.   

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