Saturday, January 12, 2008

My first two encounters with the police and benchmark hunting

I had encounters with the police and hunting for benchmarks last winter.   Once, on a country road I could never find again - have no idea where it was - I was pulled all the way off the road and had my blinkers on and had just gotten back in the car from finding a benchmark and was taking notes and lining up the next one on the GPSr.  A cruiser pulled up behind me and told me I was blocking the road and should move on.    Not a lot of cars around to block, but, heck, he's the one with the sidearm and the badge.  

Anther time in the state capitol of Illinois, Springfield, I was "surrounded" by two Secretary of State police cruisers after I "scared" the parking lot attendant across the street from the state capitol by asking if he knew where a building was.  He didn't know. Said he wasn't from in town. After the officers ask me what I was doing, checked out my license, my story and even looked up the place I was trying to find on the page, they said my story checked out and let me go.  I knew that.  Could have told them 15 minutes earlier that my story would check out.   Oh, they weren't from in town either and had also never heard of the building.  I wonder if anyone who works in Springfield lives there.  Maybe they commute from Chicago with the governor.   He doesn't live there either....

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